Farhan Liaqat

Great service by your johar town branch employees 👏👏.


A girl at Jinnah Park McDonald’s has always been really helpful to me while using kiosk ♥️


The McDonald’s staff Cantt branch opposite to airport, is so kind hearted with customers specially drive through counters❤️❤️


I’m from Lahore , I find all the Staff Members / Crew team in all Branches of McDonald’s in Lahore are very Kind and communicate with their customers in a respectful way , I travel a lot in the city so I experience this thing , from almost all the branches of McDonald’s .


Your Branch at Country Golf Club DHA, Lahore has a “GEL” and her name is Hafsa. Hafsa is from GEL staff and she performs her duty very professionally. Her humble behavior is truly 5 star.

Naval Mehmood

Love themmm for a happy and cheery mood alwayss but lovee them moreee when they slide in mini conessss.

Zaraa Kamran

I always say this that McDonald’s always has the best customer service. All of them always go out of their way to put us, customers, before anything else. I see the efforts, I see the hardwork, I see the multitasking, I see the rush in the kitchen, yet still all of you work effortlessly and amazingly. But I think most of all, I just want to say is that THANK YOU. Your job is no less than any other job. You are needed and you matter. So really, thank you


Your front team welcomes answering to us nicely with that beautiful smile. The girls standing to greet us, waiters making sure to provide us with everything. Now the kitchen and supply team, thank you for providing us the best food, for making sure to meet the standard of the company.

Supply chain we want to thank you as well as you people make sure the product is good, hygienic and checks all the expiries plus standard of McDonalds.

Last but not the least the social media team, you are the COOLEST!