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Our Impact

Economic Impact

McDonald's Pakistan makes a substantial economic contribution locally, serving as a major revenue generator and contributing significantly to Pakistan’s economy. McDonald's Pakistan also stands as a key economic player, not only as a revenue powerhouse but as a catalyst for economic diversity. Its widespread presence stimulates related businesses, ranging from suppliers to logistics, creating a robust economic ecosystem.

McDonald's Pakistan has significantly contributed to the country's economy, paying Rs. 5.83 Billion in taxes from 1998 to 2023.

In addition, our indirect tax payments have totaled Rs. 35.08 Billion.

Social Impact

McDonald’s Pakistan is at the forefront of social impact, making significant contributions across diverse domains.

Our commitment spans tourism development, sports, and active lifestyle, with a focus on fostering an inclusive workplace for women's empowerment. In addition, we prioritize supporting underprivileged individuals as a core element of our social responsibility initiatives.

Furthermore, our dedication to cultural celebration is demonstrated through our annual festivities in Pakistan's Independence Month, displaying the nation's rich cultural heritage.

Community Impact

We are dedicated to making a positive impact on our community and the environment. Our initiatives include promoting sports, supporting education, and providing healthcare for underprivileged children. We also offer assistance to frontline workers during crises and prioritize differently-abled individuals.

As part of our ongoing efforts to contribute to meaningful causes, McDonald's Pakistan recognizes the urgent need for support in Gaza. The recent crisis has left many families and individuals in dire circumstances. McDonald’s Pakistan demonstrated prompt and compassionate action by swiftly donating PKR 10 Million through the Edhi Foundation. This rapid response underscores McDonald’s commitment to making a meaningful impact and providing essential support to those affected in Gaza. By proactively engaging with the Edhi Foundation, McDonald’s exemplifies its dedication to corporate social responsibility, standing as a beacon of support during times of crisis. This generous contribution not only showcases McDonald’s philanthropic spirit but also reaffirms its role as a socially conscious global entity, actively contributing to the well-being of communities in need.

Our commitment to fostering the community’s well-being and inclusivity drives our meaningful initiatives. We were thrilled to join in the celebration of National Minorities Day, organized by the Social Welfare & Bait-ul-Maal Department of Punjab. This event, held at the Chaman House in Lahore, brought together children and leaders from diverse religious backgrounds, emphasizing the significance of mutual respect and collaboration in building a harmonious society.

We organized a live match screening for over 200 children and their teachers, adding joy and excitement with McDonald's favorites.

We are dedicated to our core values, which include fostering unity and happiness. We recently partnered with UNDP Pakistan for the International Day of Families at Sirat-ul-Jannah orphanage. We shared our Happy Reader series and delighted the little ones with a delicious McDonald's lunch.

We're delighted to continue our longstanding partnership with Saaya Association of Persons with Disabilities for Women's Day celebration, a collaboration that spans many years. We are committed to supporting the Saaya Association and fostering inclusive dialogues on gender equality.

McDonald's vouches for an active lifestyle and the inclusion of differently-abled individuals in sports. We proudly co-organized the Lahore Cricket Club Blind (LCCB) T-20 Blind Cricket Tournament in Lahore, promoting sports accessibility and celebrating Bahawalpur's victory in the final.

McDonald's is deeply committed to fostering inclusivity in our community, and events like the Karachi Down Syndrome Program Carnival 2023 have been a part of that endeavor. We embrace the spirit of diversity and continue to support initiatives that promote inclusivity, such as the KDSP.

For the past 17 years, McDonald’s Pakistan has enthusiastically sponsored the National Inter School Age-Group Swimming Championship. The recent event in Lahore featured young swimmers competing over two days, with distinguished guests including Zoraiz Lashari, President of the Pakistan Swimming Federation and Raza Ali, Chief Marketing Officer at McDonald’s Pakistan. As we continue this legacy, McDonald’s Pakistan remains dedicated to encouraging athleticism, teamwork, and healthy competition among the youth, contributing to a vibrant sporting culture nationwide.

We were delighted to have supported the exceptional 15-member rowing team from The Center of Advanced Studies (C.A.S) School during their participation in the 2023 Vienna International Rowing Regatta in Austria.

McDonald's Pakistan is delighted to be the key sponsor of the 'MINI FEST‘ for two consecutive years, an event dedicated to promoting children's growth and development. As a strong advocate for an active lifestyle and community well-being, we are committed to supporting initiatives that positively impact the lives of children. This collaboration with Fast B underscores our ongoing dedication to fostering a healthier and happier community for the future.

We were pleased to have supported the Sindh Cricket Association's cricket tournament. Our organization has always been committed to fostering an environment that encourages women to transcend societal boundaries and achieve remarkable success.

We're all about smashing the limits and fostering excellence. In a remarkable partnership with Ace Tennis Pakistan, we introduced Pakistan's 1st Ever Tennis and Fitness Masterclass, featuring two weeks of unparalleled coaching with tennis legends Aisam ul Haq, Aqeel Khan, and LaloVick.

From the London Marathon to the Boston Marathon, the inspirational journey continues for these exceptional athletes. Congratulations to Sadiq Shah for his outstanding achievement, completing the London Marathon in a record-breaking 2 hours and 55 minutes, setting the fastest time in London by a Pakistani athlete.

We're thrilled to have supported Pakistan's outstanding marathon team as they competed in the Berlin Marathon. Their collective passion, dedication, and commitment are incredibly inspiring.

We've proudly upheld the principles of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for over a decade. Our 'I'm Perfect program', provides fair opportunities to individuals from all walks of life, including hearing and speech impaired individuals. as it continues to make a meaningful impact in the lives of such employees, and they have found their family within McDonald’s.

Our Supplier

Supply Chain Excellence & Innovation

We take pride in our commitment to supply chain excellence and innovation. We uphold the highest global standards for food safety practices in Pakistan. Sustainability is at the core of our operations with a special focus on animal health and welfare in sourcing all protein products. Through our dedicated efforts and rigorous quality standards, we have developed and elevated local suppliers to a level where they meet international benchmarks now. Our commitment to excellence has not only enhanced the capabilities of our suppliers but also enabled them to successfully export their products to international markets.

Local Supplier Development

McDonald's Pakistan plays a pivotal role in local supplier development in Pakistan, having successfully developed 52 Suppliers: 37 Poultry, 7 Paper Packaging, 8 Construction & Interiors.Through strategic partnerships and capacity-building initiatives, McDonald's Pakistan has not only strengthened the local supply chain but has also provided opportunities for Pakistani businesses to thrive.

This commitment to supporting and developing local suppliers highlights McDonald's contribution to fostering economic growth and sustainability in the region.

McDonald’s Pakistan dedicated 90% of its procurement spend on local suppliers. This commitment extends to over 10,000 employees in associated industries.

Our Planet

Reflecting our dedication toward environmental responsibility, we have invested 73.8 million for sustainable initiatives. Our plantation drive aims to contribute to a greener future, with a focus on nurturing the environment.

Our commitment also extends to eco-friendly transportation, including electric bikes, aligning our efforts with a cleaner and more sustainable approach.

McDonald's has been a dedicated partner of Park & Horticulture Authority (PHA) Lahore for the past 10 years, demonstrating a longstanding commitment to sustainable practices and environmental initiatives in the region. Partnering with PHA Lahore in ‘Go Green projects’, we launched ‘Let’s ReGreen Lahore’, by planting trees citywide and countering global warming. This initiative exemplified our pledge to a Clean and Green Pakistan, inspiring change and fostering environmental responsibility.

At McDonald‘s, we successfully implemented the 'Planting Happiness' initiative in collaboration with the movie 'Allahyar and the 100 Flowers of God.' With every Allahyar meal, customers received a Seedbox, enabling them to participate in the ongoing effort to nurture goodness. As part of the initiative, we aimed to contribute to nature and provided approximately 50,000 seed balls.

Our vision is to emphasize the significance of plantation among the children. Thus, presenting it as an enjoyable family activity has been a key aspect of fostering positive change.

We're committed to an eco-friendly future. With the support of VLEKTRA, we're paving a greener way of delivering your favorite food using electric bikes. This initiative ensures that as we deliver happiness to your doorsteps, we also take proactive steps to care for our environment.