Super Offer

McDonald’s and Jazz come together to bring an exciting Super Offer for Jazz prepaid users. Customers can avail amazing discount offers at McDonald’s by subscribing to Super Offer. To avail the discount, customers have to dial *631# and get an incentive of 1GB data, 100 Jazz minutes with every subscription at Rs.35 inclusive tax.

The Super Offer is available for customers via Dine-in, McDonald’s App, Drive-Thru and call center. Meals that are included in Super Offer are:

Meal Description Menu Price Discounted Price Discount
1 Chicken Mac & Drink 710 350 51%
2 McFlurry 590 400 32%

Steps to follow

Step #1

Jazz Customer to dial *631 to activate Super Offer – Rs. 35

Step #2

Customer will receive activation verification code along with 12 digits discount voucher code

Step #3

Customer to enter the voucher code in McDonald’s app. The offer can be redeemed via Dine-in, Drive-Thru and call center.

Step #4

Enjoy 1GB data, 100mins for 3 days along with a Chicken Mac + Drink for Rs. 350 pr 2 McFlurries for Rs. 400


I did not receive a discount code for meal redemption on subscribing to the bundle.

Customer to register their complaint at 111. Jazz helpline representative will coordinate in re-sending the valid code to the customer in next 24 hours.

How many times can I avail the Super offer at McDonald’s?

Customers can avail the offer as many times as they wish to subscribe to the dedicated Super Offer bundle.

Will my code expire once my package expires after 3-days?

No, the code remains valid until it is redeemed at any one of the given touchpoints

What are the incentives I am getting in the bundle?

1 GB data +100 Jazz minutes in Rs.35 (inclusive of tax)

Can I subscribe to the bundle multiple times before expiry of bundle incentives?

Yes, multiple subscriptions are allowed. However, incentives will be added and validity of last subscription will be applicable.

Will I get multiple codes on multiple subscriptions?

Yes, customers will get a unique code with each bundle subscription.

Is this offer valid for Jazz customers only?

This offer is valid for all active Jazz prepaid customers only.

Which meal at McDonald’s can we avail under the Super Offer?

1 Chicken Mac & Regular Drink for Rs.350
2 McFlurries for Rs.400

How many meals can I avail with a single redemption/discount code?

Customers can redeem only one meal from each discount code i.e. one meal per bundle  subscription.

From where can I avail these meals/Super Offer?

Customers can avail these meals from all McDonald’s touchpoints (Dine-In, Drive Thru, Take-Away & Delivery)

Can we have an upsize of Chicken Mac in Super Offer?

No, customers can not get any upsize on meals – you can only avail regular size Chicken Mac burger and drink. However, customers can get an upsize on paying the extra amount separately.

How do I avail the discount at McDonald’s?

Show your 12-digit discount code, received via SMS, to cashier at McDonald’s outlet who will then check the validity of code to place the final order.

Can someone else avail discount on my behalf?

Yes, if a customer shows a valid code at any McDonald’s restaurants, they are eligible to get the discount.

How much discount am I getting through this deal?

Chicken Mac & Drink – PKR 360
2 McFlurries – PKR 190