Our Environment

McSaviors Public Awareness Program
To make people realize that the world's natural resources are fast diminishing and something must be done about it, McDonald's has created a public awareness program called 'McSaviors'.

Launched as a special initiative on the part of McDonald’s to protect the environment, 'McSaviors' involves children as they are going to be in charge of the future.

‘McSaviors’ children are empowered to penalize adults found wasting water and electricity. The minimum penalty amount is Rs. 10. McDonald’s will use the penalty money to promote measures that will prevent further wastage, such as replacing regular bulbs with energy savers, repairing leaking water supply lines, etc.

‘McSaviors’ has certainly helped in bringing about a sense of awareness in adults that Pakistan faces a shortage of water and electricity and that good care must be taken of these precious resources. All school children are eligible to join ‘McSaviors’. They can become members by visiting any McDonald’s Restaurant and filling out the registration form. It is also planned to seek the support of schools in further promoting the program.

The program has been launched in association with Express News.