Our Community

Green Park in Islamabad: A lush green park located in the beautiful F-9 Sector in Islamabad has been designed and developed and is maintained by McDonald’s. Covering an area of about 5 acres, the park was inaugurated in 2006. It serves as a favourite relaxation and recreation spot for residents of the capital city, who visit it regularly for jogging and sightseeing, while kids have a great time on the swings.

Lahore: McDonald’s has developed and maintains Defence Recreational Park in DHA, Lahore, making it one of the city’s most popular and attractively landscaped parks. Karachi: McDonald’s, along with Defence Housing Authority, has adopted the park around Corniche, Seaview. Its maintenance and beautification is done by McDonald’s as a social responsibility and community service. A beautiful addition to the Clifton beach, it has become a recreational facility and an option for people who don’t want to go out on the sand.

Litter Patrol
A McDonald’s litter patrol has been set up for picking up litter around the neighbourhood for the education of the locality in maintaining environmental cleanliness.

Beach Cleaning
The Marine environment is not taken seriously in our society. McDonald’s has taken steps to create awareness about this environment, especially among kids, with regular visits to the beach where they clean it with their own hands.

Walk for Cruelty against Animals
Walks are organized for Cruelty against Animals. Kids are made aware of the existing treatment of animals in our society, and a humane way to treat them.

World Children’s Day
November 20th, better known as World Children’s Day, is an international occasion held to celebrate children, their uniqueness and innocence and create awareness about the problems that children face around the world.

McDonald’s celebrates this day in full spirit with the intention of collecting funds for child welfare projects. In line with the initiative, various activities are planned every year and the funds collected are donated to charity. In Karachi, the funds go to helping the mentally challenged children of Dar-ul-Sukoon, while in Lahore donations are made to the Chaman House.

Support for Thalassaemia Society Pakistan
In keeping with its commitment to support charitable causes, McDonald’s participated in Thalassaemia Society Pakistan’s brave mission by providing them with support and encouragement on their unique walk to the base camp of the K2 mountain range. The walk included volunteers and supporters determined to conquer terrain running from the Karakoram Highway all the way to the base camp of the mighty K2.

Chaman House
McDonald’s commitment to serving the community is evident with Chaman House, a project which is part of Chaman Treatment, Training and Rehabilitation Centre for Special Children which McDonald’s has funded. This 16-bed hostel is fully furnished and equipped with the latest amenities, including a wall-to-wall carpeted TV lounge and common room. With this project, McDonald’s hopes to continue bringing smiles to many young faces and provide the best care and comfort to those children who need it the most.

Cheque presented to Chaman House as part of Ramadan Charity Program, 2007. This was a part of regular support extended to Chaman House.

Transportation for Rising Sun School
McDonald’s Pakistan has gifted a 10-seater van to the Rising Sun School for blind learners. The van was donated as part of continuous support to various children’s charities around the country.

A Home for SOS Village
McDonald’s Lahore announced a donation of Rs 1 million for a new house in SOS Children’s Village, Lahore.

A McDonald’s Food Charity event at SOS Children’s Village.

Supporting Innovative Education McDonald’s made donations to the computer education department of Jinnah Foundation School in Model Town, Lahore

Dar-ul-Sukoon is the largest charitable organization in Karachi, dedicated solely to the welfare and rehabilitation of special children. McDonald's, as part of its on-going commitment to work for the betterment of children worldwide, supports Dar-ul-Sukoon, not only through its fund-raising efforts on the World Children's Day, but throughout the year as well.

Millennium Dreamers Award
To commemorate the new millennium and recognize the contributions of youngsters to their communities, McDonald’s announced the Millennium Dreamers Awards Program in association with Walt Disney and UNESCO on a global basis.

Under the program, 2,000 children were selected to represent their countries at the Global Children’s Summit held at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, USA, from May 8 to 10, 2000.

Annual Wheelchair Race
McDonald’s sponsors the Annual Wheelchair Race for Handicapped Children to mark the International Handicapped Day and distributes free burgers, drinks and gifts to all contestants.

McDonald’s holds Marathon for Disabled Persons
McDonalds sponsored the first ‘Handi Marathon’ in Islamabad to celebrate the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, on December 3, 2008. It was organized by Payam Foundation in collaboration with the Islamabad Traffic Police.

Disabled persons from across the country, especially those from the earthquake-affected areas, participated in the 1,500 meter wheelchair race. Students and people from all walks of life from Islamabad and Rawalpindi had assembled in large numbers to cheer the racers who competed with great enthusiasm and were in high spirits. Various dignitaries, including Senator Muhammad Talha Mehmood, MNA Anjum Aqeel Khan, National Highways and Motorway Police Chief Raffat Pasha, AIG Dr. Sultan Azam and Islamabad Traffic Police Chief, SSP Zubair Hashmi, also witnessed the event and appreciated the efforts of McDonald’s in making the event possible.

Orphanage Parties
The less fortunate are not forgotten at McDonald’s. It is customary to open a new McDonald’s restaurant anywhere in the world with an orphanage house party. For McDonald’s, joy and community service work hand in hand.

Hospital Help
Helping others has always been part of the McDonald’s corporate policy. McDonald’s has donated funds to both the Aga Khan Hospital and Al-Shifa Hospital for financial assistance of Lahore-based patients.

Support for Roshni Homes Trust
There are at present 18 million children in Pakistan who do not have the means to afford a school education. McDonald’s has extended its support to Roshni Homes Trust by joining hands with its Kifalat Program for education of orphan children as a part of its CSR initiative.

Under the program, McDonald’s is facilitating its customers to donate cash to the Kifalat Program through all its restaurants in Pakistan. Support can be extended to an orphan child’s education with as little as Rs.10.

For its part, McDonald’s has contributed Rs. one million to support the program. Roshni Homes Trust is a private charitable organization run by a board of trustees based in Gujranwala. It supports orphan and abandoned children by providing them with good quality education and an opportunity to develop values of caring, sharing and being responsible citizens.

World Aids Day

McDonald’s & Savior Faire have together been spreading the Aids awareness in Pakistan for the past three years. World AIDS day was observed at McDonald’s restaurants last year too, banners & posters were displayed and our crew also tied red ribbons on their uniforms to support the cause.